“Stickers are worth hundreds of millions of dollars to chat platforms,” Joon Ian Wong writes for Quartz. “The virtual tchotchkes earned $268 million for the chat app LINE last year.”

“Kim K is way ahead of the curve. Last December she released a hit sticker app called Kimoji, that for $1.99, lets users paste custom-made images of herself into their messages. It’s by far the biggest money-maker among celebrity-emoji apps on the App Store, according to data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower. Kimoji is on track to make over $2.8 million in revenues worldwide this year,” Wong writes. “As Apple lays the foundations for its own sticker economy, with an overhaul of iMessage in iOS 10 due in a few months, none other than Kim Kardashian West is waiting in the wings to capitalize on it.”

“When stickers are baked in to iOS 10, Kimoji’s opportunities to make money are going to explode,” Wong writes. “The Kimoji app is still quite fiddly because it’s a keyboard app. Users have to activate it in their phone’s settings before it’s available. By contrast, a version of Kimoji released as a native sticker app for iMessage would be frictionless.”

More info, including the top Kimoji and their official names, in the full article here.

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