“A number of iOS device users in the United States and Europe have recently become victim of a scary ransom scam,” Brent Dirks reports for AppAdvice. “Their device is placed into lost mode, and the scammers demand a payment – anywhere from $30 to $50 – to unlock their iPhone or iPad.”

“Hackers first need to acquire a compromised an Apple ID by phishing, social engineering, data breach, or other method,” Dirks reports. “There are a number of outlets online where hackers can purchase compromised Apple IDs.”

Dirks reports, “The best way to protect against this kind of attack is to enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last year on the occasion of the ‘Fappening’ celebrity nude leaks:

Too many people use one password for multiple services and weak passwords at that. Once hackers guess that password, they then have access to all sorts of things: cloud storage, bank accounts, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc… Social engineering hacks can be thwarted, at least for iCloud. Use two-step verification for Apple ID to keep your personal information as secure as possible. More info here.

Always use unique passwords and use Apple’s Keychain Access and iCloud Keychain to create and manage them. When used properly, it works like a dream.

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