“A petition demanding that Apple stop ‘sabotaging’ older devices with iOS upgrades has attracted 150,000 signatures, but how legitimate is the grievance?” Alexander Sword reports for Computer Business Review.

“The petition by SumOfUs, the corporate watchdog,” Sword reports, “accuses Apple of engaging in ‘planned obsolescence’ by continually pushing out upgrades to its users which will degrade performance on all but the newest iPhones.”

“The petition argues that owners of older iPhones will find the performance on their devices becomes so poor that they will simply opt to buy a newer device, such as the iPhone 7, expected in September,” Sword reports. “The demand is simple: Apple ‘has to stop aggressively pushing software ‘upgrades’ to devices which will become significantly slower as a result.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, let’s retard progress for everyone and subject everyone to security issues so that a relative handful of cheapskates can continue to use old hardware forever.

Apple pushes the envelope because that what Apple does. These people aren’t Apple product users. Petition signers, go get yourselves an Android phone and, rest assured, it’ll never be upgraded.

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