Apple’s ‘boring’ iPhone 7 series set to surprise and delight

“The lead-up to this year’s iPhone launch has been unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. New iPhones are typically preceded by months of excitement as fans drool over each successive leak. The excitement continues to build until September, when Apple finally unveils its next-generation iPhones. Then it’s a mad dash to preorder them and sales soar into the tens of millions of units in no time. This year, it doesn’t feel the same at all,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “The iPhone 7 — or whatever Apple ends up calling it — has been widely branded as ‘boring,’ due entirely to a leaked design that looks strikingly similar to Apple’s current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.”

“Yes, the iPhone 7 is going to look a whole lot like the iPhone 6,” Epstein writes. “Call me crazy, but the iPhone 7 is shaping up to be a leap that may be even more impressive than the one 2015’s 6s and 6s Plus made.”

Epstein writes, “More power, twice the storage, another new color option, two different upgraded cameras, a new connector technology for nifty accessories, wireless charging, waterproofing… I mean, come on.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shhh!

As we wrote last month: “The lower the expectations are set for iPhone 7, the more spectacularly they will be exceeded.”


  1. While I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised and delighted, “a better camera and a faster processor” are expected with *every* new iPhone. Nothing unexpected there. A new color? Nice. Bigger storage options? Great. Waterproof? Just catching up with the competition. No headphone jack? Not something *anyone* is asking for.

    Sounds like it is a worthy upgrade for people with two-year old phones or older.

    1. Apple could do nothing more than improve processor and battery performance, and it will still sell >70 Million units in the December quarter. Why? Because the 2 year old iPhone 6/Plus’s and a 3 year old iPhone 5S/C’s battery will be tired and needing more constant recharging and by comparison they won’t be as snappy.

      Add in everything else Apple is rumored (probably will) scheduled to upgrade, add as new, and sales will go up another 10 Million.

      Detroit would die for the buzz Apple gets for their incrementally changed model year cars. Not having it doesn’t prevent them from selling more (even if its only 1%) and NOBODY criticizes Detroit for lack of innovation.

    2. “No headphone jack? Not something *anyone* is asking for.”

      Nope. Not now. But when Apple shows them what can be done with a DIGITAL port they will demand it.

  2. As to boring: I really do not care if the new Phone looks like my old one as long as it is a better phone inside. Some of us do not have a fetish about phones and care not as long as is not FUGLY. The thin thing is also stupid past a point.

    My AT&T Contract for my iPhone 6 is up in 9 days. Thanks to Steve Jobs I have unlimited data and AT&T has been noticeably upgrading it’s network in the region where I live and spend most of my time, so I will probably stay with AT&T.

    What I buy will be determined by performance and price- not styling.

    1. Glad to hear AT&T is upgrading their service where you live, because it continues to be terrible where I live. Even using AT&T Wifi on my phone at home, every time I speak with my brother, also on AT&T, we experience drops. I also despise AT&T because they steer customers away from iPhones. Goobers.

      1. AT&T and before that Cingular in our area we had for many years and it was terrible, just awful. Requiring one of their little WiFi boxes to augment. It wasn’t until Verizon started 4G service that it became a very viable alternative here. In fact it works great and a revelation actually being able to make a call in my own driveway! But AT&T? We had recent contractors with AT&T phones working here and they still got almost no bars here. And we are just off a major thoroughfare near 3 freeways. They promised for years to upgrade the service (like for 25 years) and it still hasn’t happened. But Verizon it is and will stay. We’re most happy with them. Your mileage may vary.

  3. I’ll be in line for that boring iPhone anyway.

    Apple has been boring my life as far back as 1984.

    Apple, could you stop making boring stuff that last… Get in the game. I want to throw my Apple stuff in the gargage in 10 to 12 months and go buy the new stuff like the others…

  4. I can’t imagine what these tech-heads are expecting. No company can usually jump that far ahead of the competition in technology. I don’t think most consumers have any problem with a product being boring as long as it works well for them. I honestly don’t understand all these people’s complaints about Apple not pushing the envelope far enough with new products.

    As long as I’ve been buying products I basically bought products that were marginally better than the older ones and I was still happy about having them. How could this possibly change without some advanced alien race offering technology we’d never seen before? Even so, I’d probably only be interested in a doubling of battery life and it wouldn’t matter if everything else stayed the same.

  5. Do people REALLY depend so much on RUMORS that products are pre-judged before the things even go public? WTF is that about? Nothing better to do than live in the vacuous rumorsphere? You know what I’m going to say…

    Get A Life.

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