“When Apple announced earnings this week, one of the surprising revelations shared by Tim Cook was that only 40% of iPhone owners have upgraded to a larger-screen iPhone,” Mark Rogowsky reports for Forbes.

“Cook has two plans to address the hundreds of millions of iPhone loyalists who are still sporting smaller, older models. First comes in March, with the iPhone 5se, a nice upgrade to the 5s,” Rogowsky reports. “But the second is more intriguing: A series of upgrades to the flagship models that Apple believes will be compelling enough that people won’t be able to resist.”

“If things work out as Apple hopes, it could reignite growth in iPhone sales — which plateaued in the most recent quarter and even Apple expects to be down numerically for the three-month period ending in March — and get people hooked on Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program,” Rogowsky reports. “It’s a safe bet that Apple plans on selling more iPhones in each of the next 3 years than they did in 2015, even with the first-quarter slowdown they’ve forecast for 2016. The question is will the new offerings be compelling enough to make that happen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There is so much room for improvement to iPhone, from strength of materials, to cameras, I/O ports, charging methods, processors, battery life, physical button removal, display technology, Siri capabilities, etc. that the sky is the limit!