“While Apple claims ‘all-day’ battery life (which it defines as 18 hours of mixed use), many new Apple Watch owners are realizing that ‘all day’ isn’t enough,” Brad Moon writes for Forbes. “Even worse, that 18 hours can quickly dwindle to as little as three hours between charges if you really push the device.”

“When the Apple Watch 2 arrives in 2016, it’s a pretty safe bet that longer battery life is going to be one of the key improvements over the first generation device,” Moon writes. “The good news for current Apple Watch owners is that there are ways you can take control of the situation to extend your time between charges. With a few tweaks — and without giving up much in the way of the cool stuff I bought an Apple Watch for in the first place — I’m now at the point where I typically charge mine every other night. Double Apple’s standard.”

Here are five tips for making your Apple Watch battery last longer:
1. Don’t Use it as a Speakerphone
2. Choose the Right Watch Face
3. Cut the Animations
4. Reign in the Notifications (Especially E-Mail)
5. Use Power Reserve Mode

All 5 tips above discussed in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Solid tips. By employing only #4, we’ve never had to resort to any of the other tips and frequently put Apple Watch to bed each night with around 30% battery left.