Twitter hires Apple’s director of inclusion and diversity

“Twitter Inc hired a former Apple Inc employee as its vice president of diversity and inclusion, the micro-blogging site announced,” Kshitiz Goliya reports for Reuters. “Jeffrey Siminoff, who was previously the director of worldwide inclusion and diversity at Apple, replaces Janet Van Huysse.”

“Siminoff’s hiring comes as Twitter and other Silicon Valley companies face pressure to diversify their largely male, mostly white workforces,” Goliya reports. “In its most recent report on the demographics of its workers, Twitter said 66 percent of its global workforce was male and 59 percent of U.S. employees were white.”

Goliya reports, “Siminoff was not available for comment, Twitter said. He is a founder of Out Leadership, which works to include more members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in businesses.”

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  1. Apple’s push under Tim Cook for quotas (tokenism) coincides with the company’s decline in quality.

    Tim Cook says diversity is important — for innovation.

    “Diversity is critical to innovation and it is essential to Apple’s future.”

    “Inclusion inspires innovation.”

    This is dumb ass. Utter shit.

    Diversity is the *anti-innovation* and if Steve Jobs were alive, he would fire Tim Cook for such nonsense.

    And I would be there, pointing, laughing.

    The Mac, the iPhone, the iPod; these were not created by diverse companies but by tightly knit groups of extremely like-minded people. Most of whom looked a great deal like one another.

    I know.


    Fuck that. I care about innovation, the future — and the truth. Tim Cook can talk all he wants about diversity but I know otherwise. The entirety of Apple’s greatness came from DELIBERATELY NON-DIVERSE people.

    Let’s play a game!

    Who do we fire? Who loses a job? After all, Tim Cook tells us that Apple is now “hiring more inclusively.”


    We know what that means. — Brian S. Hall

    Full article:

    1. I think one has to be quite adroit in knowing how to compromise qualifications and skills to enable greater diversity and inclusion. In re: to a degree, most public universities would train well for this future.

  2. In Tim’s push for diversity and varying viewpoints, I look forward to seeing how many people he hires who believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman, as it has been for millennia, and how many he hires who admit that abortion is murder, obviously. 😉

    1. Oh, Fwhatever, the pedant that keeps on giving, year after year! You just love to apply “litmus tests” to various situations. I suppose that you must find it necessary to grossly oversimplify complex issues so that you can attempt to understand them.

      Naturally, you define what is “traditional” from your very narrow socioreligious viewpoint. Polygamy has been practiced in a number of cultures over the years, and they consider that to be traditional and perfectly normal. Human history spans tens of thousands of years prior to the manufacture of Christianity. Native Americans, for example, developed their own cultures that suited their way of life and their relationship with nature. Then we came along with smallpox, liquor, and guns, drove them off of their lands, and pushed religious conversion on them in the misguided belief that the Christian way is the only right way.

      In my opinion, religion (almost exclusively Christian-based faiths) already plays far too strong of a role in modern U.S. politics and law. But you seem perfectly comfortable foisting your beliefs on me despite the protections built into our Constitution. You and I will never agree…the difference is that my belief structure has room for an idiot like you, however distasteful it is to interact with you. You belief structure, on the other hand, excludes anyone and everyone who does not adhere to your narrow set of beliefs – religious and political.

  3. Awesome! Hopefully, they will try to include those who are Autistic or Aspergers and represent them more in the IT industries! I hope this generation of autistics/Aspergers have better role models to look up to. We have had way too many Adam Lanzas and Elliot Rodgers representing us to the world.

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