“Ahead of the consumer launch, I spent one long night with the fourth-generation Apple TV provided by the company for review — simulating the many nights I’ve spent staying up late and bingeing on videos until my eyelids slam shut on their own accord. It was, in some ways, the ultimate stress test: I learned how to use Apple TV when I was at my fuzziest and least forgiving,” Hayley Tsukayama reports for The Washington Post. “Apple TV passed with flying colors. Apple is hawking the device with the tagline ‘the future of television is apps.'”

“In some ways, in fact, video apps such as Netflix and Hulu were the least-exciting part of the device. I was far more intrigued by the other apps in the new Apple TV store,” Tsukayama reports. “One way it stands out is in the consistency of design across apps. That sounds like a boring perk, but it’s so much simpler for users to know that the way the remote works for iTunes is the way it works across every other app. Video playback was crisp, solid and very fast — basically everything you would want from a playback device. And while the lack of an app for Amazon Video left a noticeable hole in the content lineup, there’s still plenty to choose from.”

MacDailyNews Take: The lack of Amazon Video is the fault of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, not Apple.

Tsukayama reports “The latest version of the Apple TV does show that this product has officially graduated from the “hobby” designation it held within Apple for many years — and lays out an exciting vision for the largest screen in your home.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: No wonder Bozos is so scared. Good for him, on Halloween, he can scare himself even more simply by reading his own newspaper.

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