“On the homepage for the new Apple TV box, which you can buy at Apple stores from today, it says boldly: ‘It’s all about apps. Apps are the future of television,'” Neil Midgley writes for Forbes. “But Apple is wrong about that – traditional linear TV channels continue to have a bright future, and Apple TV is part of the very simple reason why.”

“Unlike pretty much every other device that Apple sells (iPhone, iPad, iMac), Apple TV doesn’t stand alone. You need a separate TV set to use it,” Midgley writes. “That’s right, the traditional TV set in the corner of your living room. As long as people have those traditional TV sets – which Apple TV means that they still need – most of them will continue to watch traditional linear TV channels.”

“And that means that the future of TV, thanks in part to Apple TV, is not just apps. It’s traditional channels, on traditional TV sets, as well,” Midgley writes. “Apple TV will, of course, lead to more people watching telly via apps. But, as long as Apple TV requires a TV set to operate, it helps keep traditional linear TV channels alive just a little bit longer.”

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