“The best products not only do a great job at the things they were advertised to do, but they also delight users in ways they could have never expected before buying those products and using them on a daily basis. Ever since the launch of the Watch, the Wristly team has surveyed their panel to better understand where Apple Watch is exceeding expectations and where it is falling short.

But how do those expectations get set in the first place?

For context, let’s review Apple’s top marketing claims for their most personal device yet:
1. An incredibly precise timepiece
2. Entirely new ways to stay in touch
3. A smarter way to look a fitness

Given the myriad things that the Watch can accomplish, it is telling to see that Apple has chosen to highlight the Watch’s timekeeping precision, its new communication features, and its fitness capabilities. So how did Wristly’s panel’s actual usage of the Watch stack up against Apple’s positioning?

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