“Perhaps the greatest surprise of Apple Music’s first weeks has been the near-universal praise that its Beats 1 radio station has received, not just for its impressive battery of exclusives — interviews, premieres or regular shows from Dr. Dre, Drake, Pharrell, Disclosure, St. Vincent, Eminem, Elton John and many more — but also for its adventurous and ambitious programming,” Jem Aswad reports for Billboard.

“The station is a fusion of old-school and futurism that reminds some of college radio, some of the BBC and some of the halcyon early days of FM,” Aswad reports. “At its helm stands Zane Lowe, 41, the effusive, hyper-verbal, New Zealand-born former tastemaker-in-chief for the BBC’s Radio 1, who, as Beats 1’s ‘special creative and lead anchor,’ is charged with programming the station, which so far has been exciting, chaotic, attention-grabbing and unpredictable… apparently just the way his bosses (low-key, retiring people with surnames like Iovine, Reznor and Cue) want it — and so far, so do listeners.”

What we’re working toward is this one place where people can go to [the] ‘For You’ [feature] and be fed these wonderful handmade playlists according to their tastes, go to Beats 1 and have a shared listening experience and then go to ‘Connect’ and get close to the artists. The whole thing should work symbiotically. Also, we’re a broadcasting platform on a music service, so when people hear something they like, the idea is they’ll go deep: go into the music service, learn more, listen to the albums. That’s really important. — Zane Lowe

Much more in the full interview here.

MacDailyNews Take: Beats 1 certainly has been a revelation that deserved reevaluation. We initially glossed over it when it was revealed – “that’s nice” – but, after listening to Beats 1 hit the “air” from the first second, after the first hour so, we said, “Whoa! This is actually going to be something interesting” and we’ve been back every day since.

Here’s to Beats 2, Beats 3, Beats 4, Beats 5, and beyond!

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