“The real gem of Apple Music is something that isn’t all that modern: a censored radio station,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “Streaming services have turned music listening into a very individualized experience, so it was somewhat surprising when Apple announced Beats 1 as one of the main features of its new service. But what’s truly surprising is how great it is.”

“I’ll admit that I wasn’t all that interested in the prospect of an Apple-helmed Internet radio station, but Beats 1 does a fantastic job of capturing everything that was once revolutionary about radio,” Simon writes. “Gathering around a boom box with your friends to hear the latest Taylor Swift single may be a romantic, old-fashioned notion, but Apple has hit on something truly special with the communal nature of Beats 1. Ever since it launched I’ve been reading tweets about how people around the world are discovering new music, and as a longtime satellite radio subscriber, I’ve actually begun to consider the prospect of switching full-time, a feeling my turns with Spotify or Pandora never elicited. And I don’t think I’m alone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, do we continue our SiriusXM subscription after subscribing to Apple Music, too? The services don’t totally overlap. Howard Stern and Sports are two things you don’t have on Apple Music, but for those who subscribe to SiriusXM mainly for music, we can imagine that Apple Music can more than fulfill those needs.