How to uninstall Adobe’s Flash from your Mac

“Adobe has patched more than twenty Flash vulnerabilities in the last week — some of them days after active exploits were discovered in the wild — and issued over a dozen Flash Player security advisories since the beginning of this year,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider. “Flash has become such an information security nightmare that Facebook’s Chief Security Officer called on Adobe to sunset the platform as soon as possible and ask browser vendors to forcibly kill it off.”

“Though most exploits are targeted at Windows, Mac users are not invincible. Thankfully, Flash is easy to remove and most of your favorite sites and Web services will continue to work fine without Flash installed,” Cole reports. “YouTube, Netflix, and a host of others have either made the shift to HTML5 video or use alternative technologies, like Microsoft’s Silverlight.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Adobe… your shitastic Flash must die.MacDailyNews Take, February 5, 2010


  1. Adobe Flash is a CPU abusive hog and a computer security risk, known so for years now.

    Here’s what’s wrong/what sucks:

    MDN saying Flash must die but still allowing it in their own website.

    People/end users using Flash even when there’s few alternatives to eliminate or mitigate that computer security risk.

    Websites that are visited by millions of users still using Flash (Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, to name a few).

    Having to be a Chief Security Officer of an “important” company like Facebook to “call Adobe to sunset the platform as soon as possible and ask browser vendors to forcibly kill it off.” The moment your computer fan starts whistling, CPU usage is at 90-100%, and overheating, when watching a web video, you know there must be something very wrong with that technology and should stop using it; right, I’m wrong because most people don’t know/understand that but, a CSO isn’t required to call for Flash riddance. Steve Jobs had already said/called out the problems with Flash and why to stop using it.

    Several [big important] companies/organizations still using Flash or not replacing Flash fast enough.

    Hopefully this push by the CSO goes thru and turns into reality.

  2. It’s unfortunate that Flash has become the thing it has. When I first started using it ( just after Macromedia bought FutureSplash Animator) it was actually a really nice tool for doing animation. Then Macromedia had to start throwing in all kinds of crazy stuff to make people want to use it to create full websites and now here we are. It’s now just another bloated piece of Adobe junk that needs to be rewritten from scratch just like 10 of their other apps, but they never will.

  3. After going several days with Flash uninstalled, I discovered that Hulu requires Flash be installed on my Mac. I wonder why it works on the Apple TV?

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