“There’s previous little in Windows 10 to get excited about,” Keir Thomas writes for Macworld UK. “Yosemite trumps it in almost every regard.”

“Ultimately, Windows 10 feels like an apology for Windows 8,” Thomas writes. “When the best you can say about a new operating system is that it isn’t as bad as its predecessor, there’s clearly something wrong.”

“In contrast, Yosemite demonstrates how an operating system should evolve,” Thomas writes. “Across just under 15 years OS X has constantly met its users needs with style and grace. Even compared to OS X Mountain Lion, released just two years ago, Yosemite feels like a completely different beast. As desktop operating systems go, it’s simply unrivaled.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Tellingly, Windows 10 has an appallingly low bar to clear. We pity those who, either willingly via personal ignorance or by force from IT doofuses, try to use crappy Windows PCs.

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