“Now remember that Apple hasn’t said a word, at least officially, about what you might expect in the next Apple TV. Not a thing, yet there’s the assumption that it will not, at first, support 4K, the new high definition standard that’s introduced on more and more TV sets. Why this should be is never really explained,” Gene Sternberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “The one article that made a big deal of it attempted to frame it in connection with making it some big reveal later on for reasons that don’t make much sense. It’s not as if adding 4K after the fact would necessarily represent a significant development.”

“The article also suggests that Apple might try to trump the TV makers and go 5K, forgetting that a key reason to have 5K on the new iMac, and a small number of third-party displays, is that you can edit 4K video at its natural resolution, and use the extra pixels for menu bar and other app navigation aids,” Sternberg writes. “So it’s a big deal for content creators, but not so much for regular people watching a TV. Besides, the visible difference would be minimal. Right now, you need a fairly large set even to see 4K.”

“Besides, the next video standard touted by the TV makers is 8K. What sense would it make for Apple to deliver a picture with a resolution unsupported on any TV set since Apple doesn’t plan to make one?” Sternberg writes. “I trust you see my point.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We wouldn’t get too worked up over yet another Cringely conspiracy theory.


Apple TV’s 4K future – May 28, 2015