“Apple reported FQ2 2015 earnings and they were a monster, beating earnings and revenue expectations by a good deal,” Paulo Santos writes for Seeking Alpha. “Those earnings also prompted a slight increase in EPS estimates going forward, with FQ3 2015 EPS consensus moving from $1.66 per share to $1.74 per share, and even FY2015 and FY2016 as a whole seeing increases as well.”

“So, in this context, why has the stock been so weak? Right before earnings Apple traded for $132.65 per share, and today it’s barely holding $124,” Santos writes. “There is a reason.”

Santos writes, “The weakness in Apple stock can be explained both by the iPhone’s total domination turning Apple into a one product story, and the seemingly impending large deceleration that the iPhone 6 is starting to experience.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A “surprise” skipping of the iPhone “S” models this year and going all-out with a new “iPhone 7” lineup might be just what the doctor ordered for investors worried about Apple being able to even meet, much less exceed the blockbuster results driven by pent-up demand for properly sized iPhones. We also maintain that analysts aren’t fully anticipating the potential of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS partnership, a potential larger iPad for corporate and education, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, “iTunes Music” subscriptions, Apple TV, etc.

On June 8th, WWDC 2015 is going to be “the epicenter of change” where much will be revealed and a lot of questions will be answered. We can’t wait!