OS X Yosemite networking issues and ‘discoveryd’

“Having problems with Apple devices on your network getting lost or appended with numbers? ‘Discoveryd’ might be to blame,” Peter Cohen explains for iMore.

“Iconfactory developer Craig Hockenberry posted to his blog about persistent problems he’s run into with OS X Yosemite (warning: strong language),” Cohen writes. “Hockenberry gives me some insight into a problem that has also dogged me since Yosemite was in beta last summer: Problems with Macs waking from sleep, and devices on the network being arbitrarily renamed.”

Personally, I’ve wasted many hours just trying to keep my devices talking to each other. Macs that used to go months between restarts were being rebooted weekly. The situation is so bad that I actually feel good when I can just kill discoveryd and toggle the network interface to get back to work. – Craig Hockenberry

“According to Hockenberry, Macs are losing network connections when waking from sleep and Apple network devices are being renamed with a number in the title, like ‘Apple TV (2)’ or ‘Peter’s MacBook Pro (3),'” Cohen writes. “Hockenberry lays the blame for the problem at the feet of “discoveryd,” a service that debuted with Yosemite and handles a bunch of networking-related functions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s beyond vexing to have mysterious connectivity issues. Thankfully, our Wi-Fi issues seem to have cleared up with OS X 10.10.3 (and a new AirPort Extreme – no telling which one did the trick, but after much unexplained, confounding networking hell, we’ll take it regardless).


    1. That’s because you didn’t sign out of the apple store, you just quit. Sign out first before quitting and you’ll no longer get the double sign in. It’s how I finally got mine to stop doing that.

    1. It is most likely what NAS you are browsing to.
      I replace the shit Drobo with a Pegasus Thunderbolt and super lightning fast, regardless of AFP/SMB.
      The Slobo Drobo was using exFat.. sucked.

  1. Often the quick fix is to totally de power your network and switch everything back on, with the Apple TV last. If you still get Apple TV (2), rename it.

    Fine for home networks, but not particularly viable for corporate or educational environments.

    Apple knew this was broken but chose to release discoveryd into Yosemite. It beggars belief that it’s still an issue over six months after Yosemite was released.

  2. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen reliable file sharing, network browsing, system names since using 10.6.8. With each subsequent release things got worse. Apple needs to seriously re-focus its efforts on making the Mac the ultimately reliable machine that it was for a while. If the general public starts discovering that it no longer “just works”, they will have no incentive left to choose for the higher priced Apple brand. Just looks alone is not enough Mr. Cook ! It doesn’t matter how you overhype things, what matters in the long run is reliability, not just of the hardware but of the whole system and MacOS X is the weakest link right now.

    1. Well Stated!

      Reliability is the canary in the coal mine. Managers and analysts like to make sales and profit projections. Unfortunately, they are not paying attention to what drives future sales – customer satisfaction of which RELIABILITY plays a HUGE ROLE.

    2. “Apple needs to seriously re-focus its efforts on making the Mac the ultimately reliable machine that it was for a while. If the general public starts discovering that it no longer “just works”, they will have no incentive left to choose for the higher priced Apple brand.”

      Agreed! Thank you for posting.

      Reliability is the canary in the coal mine. Customer satisfaction drives future sales. Studies have proven that reliability drives customer satisfaction.

      Equation = Reliability -> Customer Satisfaction -> Sales

  3. … Which is why I still do my work on OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks. I still find Yosemite to be buggy, annoying and well worth avoiding, still.

    Oh BTW! There’s a beta of Flavours 2 available! It will be the definitive method of UN-Ive-ing Yosemite, which is great with me. No More Flat, Flatter, Flattest Kindergarten Graphics. $20 when it’s finished. Hurrah.


    1. Hey DC — What I’d like is a pair of your cool iconic glasses! If I wore ’em, I bet I’d see Flavours 2 everywhere. That would be way cool

  4. Hey, if Cook / Federighi find it acceptable to have a failing IMAP email app for two OS cycles, they can tolerate anything and expect you to as well.

  5. Has this happened to people with no Apple TVs? We have three MacBooks, four iPhones, two iPads and three Windows PCs on our current gen Time Capsule with last (flat) gen Airport Extreme extending the network, and have never seen this.

  6. Had this same problem. Time machined back to the day prior to Yosemite and found mdnsresponder. Stopped discoveryd via terminal and activated mdnsresponder and my issues are over.

  7. I’m on Yosemite at home, but Mavericks at work, I just can’t trust it.

    Had a MacBookAir over Xmas that was networking dead out of the box, with all the symptoms of discoveryd.

    Trip to Genius couldn’t find the problem, so I called the 60 day support line and got them to replace the network card.

    Since then I still get network slowdown, but at least it stays connected to my wifi.

    I think it’s to do with the way discovered works with the Qualcomm chipset and not being able to have wifi and bluetooth working together.

    Apple have been too ambitious with hand-off, file drop etc – these still don’t work for me consistently.

  8. I find it troublesome that they also don’t update their older Airport and Timecapsule devices. I shouldn’t have to spend $300 every few years on a new WiFi device in order to have a stable and secure Wifi connection. They entirely abandoned support for many of their Airport Express devices. You can’t even configure them anymore.

  9. Yes, have struggled with WiFi disconnect issues since Yosemite. Not a single one in Maverick. Apple seems clueless in solving these issues. Think it is worse with third party routers. Some seem OK others like my Trendnet seem to really have issues.

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