“Right now is the single best time of the year to buy a smartphone,” Joanna Stern writes for The Wall Street Journal. “It may sound like something you’d read in a weekly circular, but it’s true: All the smartphone makers have released their best wares in preparation for the big holiday buying season. Some can be found at their lowest prices, especially this Friday and Monday.”

“After gathering and testing 25 current smartphones, evaluating everything from battery life to call quality to camera performance, I’ve come up with a list of winners,” Stern writes. “These are the only phones you should consider.”

Best Overall Smartphone: iPhone 6

Since my two-year Verizon contract was already up, I bought an iPhone 6 at launch (along with millions of other people). It may sound cliché, but the newest iPhone is still the most well-rounded smartphone money can buy.

It has a polished, aluminum hardware design, an enlarged 4.7-inch screen, superior camera performance, good call quality, a great selection of apps and strong battery life. All that made me feel confident—more so than any other phone—that I was buying a phone that could get me through the next two years. Two months in and I have no regrets.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]