“Anyone with a smartphone and a moment of clumsiness knows the biggest frustration with Corning’s best-known product, Gorilla Glass, is a shattered screen,” Dawn Chmielewski reports for Re/code.

“The glass-maker says its new Gorilla Glass 4, which it plans to unveil today at its lab in Corning, New York, affords greater protection against the damage caused by dropping a smartphone,” Chmielewski reports. “The company supplies glass to both Samsung and Apple for their tablets and smartphones.”

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks to Steve Jobs.

“The advance in Gorilla Glass comes at a time of heightened competitive challenges for the upstate New York company that takes its name from the rural community where it’s headquartered,” Chmielewski reports. “Corning faces competition from low-end glass makers whose products (such as soda-lime glass) are used to cover the displays of inexpensive phones… The company also must contend with sapphire glass made from a substance that’s the second-hardest material in the world, after diamond.”

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