Apple supplier Corning introduces tougher Gorilla Glass 4

“Anyone with a smartphone and a moment of clumsiness knows the biggest frustration with Corning’s best-known product, Gorilla Glass, is a shattered screen,” Dawn Chmielewski reports for Re/code.

“The glass-maker says its new Gorilla Glass 4, which it plans to unveil today at its lab in Corning, New York, affords greater protection against the damage caused by dropping a smartphone,” Chmielewski reports. “The company supplies glass to both Samsung and Apple for their tablets and smartphones.”

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks to Steve Jobs.

“The advance in Gorilla Glass comes at a time of heightened competitive challenges for the upstate New York company that takes its name from the rural community where it’s headquartered,” Chmielewski reports. “Corning faces competition from low-end glass makers whose products (such as soda-lime glass) are used to cover the displays of inexpensive phones… The company also must contend with sapphire glass made from a substance that’s the second-hardest material in the world, after diamond.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I recently watched my iPhone 6 flip through the air, as in slow motion, after lifting it to talk when it was only 75% out of my pocket. Admittedly it was 11:30 at night and I’d had a bit of scotch. In any case, that sucker hit the concrete floor top-corner-down and bounced about three times. Smashed. $109 dollars later it was good as new. Better than new actually, as it is now clothed in a new leather Apple case.

    1. Had my 5S in a red leather Apple case and was racing to catch a bus one morning and it flipped through the air like yours – top left corner down – and cracked right in that corner. I never got it fixed as it’s not noticeable in use but still annoying that the case didn’t protect it more. Definitely a nice bit of patina with it after a year of use, though.

      1. Lost mine at a patient’s residence during a call (I’m a paramedic). It fell out of my shirt pocket while I was shoveling their sidewalk. Didn’t realize it was missing till a couple hours later. Went back and found it in a snowdrift. It had gone through a snowblower to get there. The only thing wrong was a shattered screen in the bottom right-hand corner. Thank goodness for Locate My iPhone.

  2. First day, I think everyone should have a case. When I first got my iPhone 6 it was so thin and with the curved edges it nearly slipped right out of my hand. I’ve never had so much as a scratch on my phones so I’m not overly concerned, but I always have a slim case just to give a bit of grip.

  3. I always had good luck with my iPhone 5 till the day I stumbled and fell hard while jogging. Smashed the phone face-first into the pavement. I had the glass replaced, but it was never quite the same.

    I do, however, love my iPhone 6, so I call it a happy ending.

    And what is this? Soda lime glass? Do they have Dr Pepper glass?

    1. I bought my new ip6 from ATT and bought the Pelican industrial strength holster and case for $50. The case part is supposed to be Military Spec rated.

      I guess it is because the holster will jump off my belt if I do anything, like squat, or bend over…. I have dropped the phone on a concrete floor maybe 10 times since I got it. So, the case works, but the holster stinks.

      I sent Pelican a note about the lousy holster and haven’t heard a word from them.

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