“I think I’m a reasonable Apple enthusiast — maybe a little more critical than most — and I’m always pleased to see Apple bust out an astounding new quarter of sales and profits,” Chris Maxcer writes for TechNewsWorld. “This is a company that is firing on all cylinders.”

“Even though as a die-hard Apple enthusiast, I’m more excited than ever for this year’s fall lineup of evolutionary awesomeness, I’m desperate for something surprising. Ready for something that inspires a ‘wow,'” Maxcer writes. “I don’t want to see a home run. I want to see a game-winning grand slam.”

“In all likelihood, Apple’s chance to cause people’s jaws to drop open, to trigger a palm-to-forehead slap of dumbfounded amazement, to elicit a low wow, will come with the iWatch,” Maxcer writes. “The anticipation has been years in the making — a long, slow frenzy of rumor and hope. A smartwatch, a smartband, a device that already has been invented and found lacking… but remains somehow tantalizing. I want to want a watch. I want to use a smartband. But it has to be amazing.”

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