The pain of an Apple enthusiast: When will I be wowed?

“I think I’m a reasonable Apple enthusiast — maybe a little more critical than most — and I’m always pleased to see Apple bust out an astounding new quarter of sales and profits,” Chris Maxcer writes for TechNewsWorld. “This is a company that is firing on all cylinders.”

“Even though as a die-hard Apple enthusiast, I’m more excited than ever for this year’s fall lineup of evolutionary awesomeness, I’m desperate for something surprising. Ready for something that inspires a ‘wow,'” Maxcer writes. “I don’t want to see a home run. I want to see a game-winning grand slam.”

“In all likelihood, Apple’s chance to cause people’s jaws to drop open, to trigger a palm-to-forehead slap of dumbfounded amazement, to elicit a low wow, will come with the iWatch,” Maxcer writes. “The anticipation has been years in the making — a long, slow frenzy of rumor and hope. A smartwatch, a smartband, a device that already has been invented and found lacking… but remains somehow tantalizing. I want to want a watch. I want to use a smartband. But it has to be amazing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seriously?


            1. Depend upon it, lack of proper elimination poisons the disposition as well as the body. Still and all, I positioned Jay Morrison differently in a response below. He challenges Apple to s*** or get off the pot. Fair?

    1. Right on target, George … but you and your very accurate and insightful comment is going to be trashed on this site. These people whoop and holler over ordinary tweaks and upgrades and believe that Timmy Cook is a good CEO. If you want reality, you will have to look elsewhere.

      1. Jay,

        Again you are wrong. The majority here WILL complain when something major is not right, or at individual things that tick them off. They (we) are realists.

        Your pure loathing of TC comes through with each of your posts. Most MDN posters state their views of products which are still head and shoulders above ANYTHING out there and said products are still making more money than ANYTHING out there. But you – Straight to TC on anything and everything. The colored iPhones sell better than Samsung phones, but you don’t recognize that. Slam TC cause you don’t like him!

        1. Please do not be in the vicinity of anyone of value when you remove that stick, in fact, call a hazmat team, your toxicity is very high and bordering on alien (oh wait you work for samsung)

    2. re “I want to know when I will stop being disappointed by Apple “upgrades.”

      Maybe when you get a life. Since an iMac can edit high definition video, exactly what abilities are you missing that make your life so disappointing?

    1. Michael, I would update your comment to this. This fall when the iPhone 6 comes out……

      Pick up a simple flip phone that has a .5 meg camera, no memory card, and does the baby internet – sort of. Use it for a month.

      Pick up an iPhone 3Gs. Feel the WOW. Then realize its 5 years old, pick up an iPhone 6 and feel the WOW even more.

      You will feel like you are in the future,
      Just saying.

  1. Wanna be wowed? Use you Mac. The say, “Wow, Apple. The performance of the operating system is sure is mediocre. Ever think that a great new feature would be to optimize performance?

    1. Thank you for not being anonymous.

      I can at least agree that there has been a lot of programming making use of RAM in Apple software that ironically forces the software to grind to a near halt, aka Sit&Spin, when the RAM runs out. It’s that same old curse of modern coding: Bad memory management.

      At least Apple has been working on it. Mavericks was a considerable improvement! Compressing data in RAM was a great idea. On the user side, maxing out RAM on your Mac gear is a great idea.

  2. Please read the whole article.

    He’s speaking to a point that “mortsahl” misses: While Apple is great and will be greater on a lot of levels (one of the reasons I am a stock holder) I can tell you that as an Apple fan since the IIe days, Apple had moments where they would do something that would totally knock out the public (the Mac, the iPhone are two examples). I interpret what Chris Maxcer is saying as, “I really want one of those moments again.” Personally speaking, I like Apple… but I want to LOVE another totally new off-the-wall ‘insanely great’ invention.

    Again, please read the whole article.

    1. Totally agree and well said.

      One concern is the rumored Apple TV never materialized and so they need a game changing replacement.

      Hopefully, that moment will occur in the 2014 pipeline premiere …

      1. The problems began when Apple execs started issuing hints and making promises about things in the future. This is an understandable response to intense media pressure to report the fresh and the new, but it clashes with Apple’s inbred culture of secrecy. As a result it gave rise to a new form of adversity, namely living up to its own hype. Jay Morrison and others have correctly identified this character flaw in Apple’s executive ranks. Why the leaders of this highly respected and profitable company should behave like Rodney Dangerfield, I can’t comprehend, except to note that the ghost of Steve Jobs still haunts their minds, in exactly the same way that it haunts the media.

    1. Your go back to Microsoft post was off the mark. But this one is even more clueless and misses the WHOLE point of the story. I suggest you go back and read the WHOLE story before you rag on more people.

  3. And I want to win the lottery! Publish an article on that, it’s just as pointless as this. Your “desperate for something surprising”, then invent it, or hop in your time machine and go back to the Jobs era! Or quit whining and wait and see what comes out in the next few months, probably the last few products to have a Jobs influence. Come on Chris, start “firing on all cylinders”!

  4. Well I am too a long time Apple fan. Sorry I only became one in 1984 when I bought my first Mac, yes the one with 128 K. Sounds ridiculous today.

    I really didn’t like Apple ][.

    Let me tell you as an old developer I am wowed by swift Apple introduced at WWDC this year. I never could get into Objective-C such a weird language but was able to make several apps in few days thanks to Swift.

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