“There’s a myth a handful of Redmond loyalists and like, three people who follow tech want to believe. The myth that Satya Nadella has (or soon will) profoundly change Microsoft,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “With Steve Ballmer playing the role of an uncool Mark Cuban, Nadella faces the impossible task of fixing the mess Ballmer left.”

“Without compelling consumer hardware offerings, you’re screwed with businesses. Because consumer preference ultimately dictates enterprise choice,” Pendola writes. “And that’s why Microsoft has no choice but to continue — feebly — coming after Apple. Even though it knows it should, it simply can’t let the Surface Tablet die. Without it, it’s even more as good as dead than it is now. So the marketing geniuses at Microsoft will try (and fail) to revive the PC vs. Mac wars via a device it clearly doesn’t understand. But it won’t work. Because Apple and Google have the consumer base covered. Because of this, Apple and Google have made incredible inroads with the enterprise and education markets.”

“If Nadella really is smart and the right guy to be Microsoft CEO, he’ll tear down Steve Ballmer’s entire legacy right now. Cancel this dead and tired foray into hardware, better integrate Xbox with the things Microsoft actually does well and beg Apple and Google to be one of the ‘software partners’ that will help power the next generation of iOS-, Mac-, Android- and Chrome-powered devices,” Pendola writes. “That’s the only route Microsoft has left if it wants to sustain its waning empire.

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in January:

It’s tough, if not impossible, to deliver the type of change Microsoft needs when you’re a lifer. 🙂

And, as we wrote back in February:

Satya Nadella is the wrong choice for Microsoft CEO. 🙂