“Apple Inc products such as laptops and tablets are not banned from Chinese government procurement lists, according to the country’s chief procurement centre, refuting a report claiming Apple was blacklisted on national security concerns,” Gerry Shih and Paul Carsten report for Reuters.

“According to a Bloomberg News report published on Wednesday, 10 Apple products, including MacBook laptops and iPad tablets, were taken off a government list of approved hardware due to security concerns. The Central Government Procurement Centre, as well as the finance ministry and Apple, said the company never applied to be on the list in the first place,” Shih and Carsten report. “The list that created the confusion this week involves energy-saving products, and is just one of a multitude of government procurement lists in China. Apple has never been on that list, the company said in emailed comments on Friday, declining to give more details.”

Shih and Carsten report, “The government can still purchase Apple products, even if they are not on the energy-saving list, according to the Central Government Procurement Centre website.

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MacDailyNews Take: If the U.S. SEC weren’t a bunch of brain-dead ____, they’d get to the bottom of this obvious manipulation immediately.

As said from the moment this lie began to spread, as one of the first and only outlets to correctly report this story, the reports for Apple products being banned by the Chinese government are nothing more than echo chamber-amplified FUD.

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