“It’s always been a question of when — and not if — in assessing Apple’s plans for the connected home, although a better question is probably ‘how,'” Stacey Higginbotham writes for GigaOM. “As in, how will Apple attempt to bring its brand of design and usability to the fragmented market for app-controlled home products, which ranges from speakers to thermostats?”

“We may be getting closer to an answer. Apple has assembled a team to work on some kind of connected home hardware, according to an article in 9to5 Mac,” Higginbotham writes. “While the source quoted said Apple is unlikely to target less mainstream devices like thermostats or smoke detectors (a la Nest) speakers or home control panels are a possibility.”

“The idea of Apple building control panels strikes me as odd since the control panels in many smart homes today — either those that are DIY or professional installed — rely on iPads, either freestanding or embedded into walls,” Higginbotham writes. “Apple already has a control panel.”

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