“OS X Yosemite — the next version of Apple’s venerable desktop operating system — will bring a major visual overhaul to OS X for the first time in the software’s history,” AppleInsider reports.

“Overall, OS X Yosemite sits in an uncanny valley between its more detailed heritage and the spartan adornment of iOS under Jony Ive. Some icons have an odd mix of flat and three-dimensional elements, for instance, and new form control animations — such as the new slide/blink combination when switching radio buttons — are slow and give an impression of lag in the operating system,” AppleInsider reports. “This is not particularly surprising, given the huge amount of baggage OS X carries and the monumental task of rebuilding the entire user experience of two flagship operating systems back to back, but the Apple human interface group has a long road ahead.”

“Finder maintains a familiar layout, but all of the icons and controls have been redesigned. Icons are slightly thinner and sharper, while controls are now a stark white-grey gradient,” AppleInsider reports. “The side bar and toolbar are now translucent, allowing the background to show through.”

OS X Yosemite's Finder for the Mac

OS X Yosemite’s Finder for the Mac

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