“My three sons share an Apple iPad given to them by Mimi, their grandmother,” Robert X. Cringely writes for BetaNews. “When she bought it a couple years ago the iPad was top-of-the-line with 64 gigs and a Retina display. The boys run it hard on car trips where it functions as a hotspot and under covers in their bedrooms along with a couple iPhones, iPod Touches, various Kindles and some cheaper seven-inch Android tablets.”

“In all we have probably a dozen touchscreen devices in the house but most of the action takes place on iPhones or that one iPad,” Cringely writes. “Great for Apple, right? Not really. Apple’s iPad sales are dropping you see and the reason nobody seems to talk about is they don’t wear out.”

“Apple and the carriers originally expected iPads to last about as long as phones or maybe a little more. But they don’t fail that quickly. At best (or worst depending who you are) iPads may follow a PC three-year replacement cycle,” Cringely writes. “But they haven’t been around long enough to really test that so the big fear at Apple is they’ll last even longer than PCs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPad. Built to last.

Apple’s main objective is to satisfy and delight customers. iPads that take a licking and keep on ticking don’t seem like a “problem” to us at all.

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