Samsung’s lawyers calling Apple a ‘jihadist’ and the trial ‘Apple’s Vietnam’ impeded settlement talks

“Not even a day after a new report that Apple and Samsung had resumed settlement talks, lawyers from both sides have expressed difficulties with one another,” Josh Lowensohn reports for The Verge. “As part of a court-mandated update from the pair, following the conclusion of their second major US trial earlier this month, lawyers from both companies said settlement talks had not only been a failure in the past, but were stymied by actions following the trial.”

“For Apple, that includes statements made by Samsung’s lead attorney John Quinn, who referred to Apple as a ‘jihadist’ and called the protracted trial ‘Apple’s Vietnam’ in a pair of interviews,” Lowensohn reports. “In a letter between the two law firms dated last week, Apple’s law firm WilmerHale expressed reservations about spending additional time on discussing settlement options based on those interviews. The firm also accused Samsung of using the initial settlement talks to license Apple’s patents in order to ‘clone Apple products,’ something the iPhone-maker called ‘counterfactual.'”

“The second major trial between the two companies wrapped up earlier this month,” Lowensohn reports. “Samsung… was found to infringe on three of Apple’s patents, and owed $119,625,000 as a result. Apple was found to infringe on one of Samsung’s patents, resulting in $158,400 in damages.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Attribution: 9to5Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Mr. Quinn, esquire:
    Your use of “jihadist” is not only inappropriate, it is inaccurate. Apple’s defense of its intellectual property and Samsung’s blatant theft thereof, is not a “holy war.” It is a “thermonuclear war.” As you may recall, nuclear weapons were not used in Vietnam.

  2. If we are throwing out labels Samsung lawyers, let’s just call Samsung, “The Pearl Harbor” of smart phones where they sneak attacked Apple’s R&D and IP!

  3. The battle can be won against Samsung by not purchasing any of there products. With Samsung and there lawyer acting like 2 year olds it is hard for me to justify buying from such a low life company that seems to get lower everyday I read about them.
    They have already started to lose money the last two quarters, just don’t buy from them and there heydays will be gone because why would you buy from a crook who steals from you on purpose and justifies it even after being convicted!

    1. Not purchasing Samsung products (which I’ve avoided for years) and Apple not buying any components or screens along with releasing larger iPhones should have a pretty good effect on Samsung’s bottom line, making the point all too clearly. Samsung’s temporary market noise will quiet to a small squeak. Will they learn anything from it? Heck no. Once a crook always a crook.

  4. Apple, spend your pile of cash to do everything in house, eliminating the middle man, and avoiding this continued problem. Then, buy a couple of carriers(more middlemen) and serve your own customers with the best in house products.

    1. The settlement I’d like to see is Samsung’s American lawyers and their immediate families be barred from purchasing, registering, and using Apple products for the duration of any suits against Apple by Samsung in US jurisdiction. C’mon, Apple! Use the “Samsung lawyer” kill switch!

    2. Apple lawyers cannot even euphemistically suggest that Quinn Emanuel lawyers are lying through their teeth about not upholding court orders to maintain the privacy of Apple commercial info (the euphemism used was: “something must have been lost in translation”. This was directed at Quinn Emanuel, Samsung’s American lawyers; it was not directed at Samsung, and was not evoking national prejudice in my opinion.) …without being chastised by Judge Lucy Koh ! Can you imagine what would happen if Apple lawyers actually tried to talk smack like the Samsung lawyers? Jeesh, give us all a break. Judge Lucy Koh, please stop being so obviously biased against Apple lawyers.

      1. wow. can’t believe you remembered. actually, i’ll be buying a mac pro desktop and apple monitor very soon. I’m so excited. It’s a big purchase but… then, I’ll get rid of cable. ATT just ran fiber-optic in my neighborhood, I’ll get apple tv and netflix or some package. i don’t watch much tv, just history channel, etc, you know, the boring stuff that girls with inquisitive minds just love. i wanted the pro desktop for logic. i’m still have a lot of learning yet ahead of me but big enough dreams that I can crawl inside and live there for a long time. idk, I’d rather fail than not try at all. Thanks for remembering me. 🙂

        1. You know, Ned is a really nice guy and seems to go for brainy and imaginative gals… I bet he’d be fun as a time travelling companion. Just sayin’… 😉

          1. hahaha!!! A naive girl with little real knowledge but an over-active imagination is what I am, easily distracted by flocks of sequins that fly shoulder high along the bumpy road that encircles this unpaved mind. It’s often difficult if not impossible to keep up with some of the bright minds here. If I could, I’d take you and Ned to dinner just for not tearing me to pieces.

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