“It may seem surprising to learn that archrivals Apple and Google have come to an agreement to dismiss their patent lawsuits related to smartphone technology,” Richard Saintvilus reports for TheStreet. “After all, Steve Jobs, Apple’s late co-founder and former CEO, once said he would Google’s Android operating system was a ‘stolen product’ and that he would ‘go thermonuclear war’ to destroy it.”

“The agreement suggests that the two companies will work together on (among other things) patent reform. But they also made it clear that they don’t plan on licensing their technologies to one other,” Saintvilus reports. “It wasn’t immediately clear why the two companies decided now was the time to end their feud, which has gone on since 2010, when what was then Motorola claimed that Apple infringed on its patent. Apple filed a countersuit. This became Google’s fight after Google picked up Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in 2012.”

“Google recently agreed to sell off Motorola’s phone business to Lenovo,” Saintvilus reports. “Although it planned to keep the bulk of the patents it inherited from Motorola. But it’s unclear which patents the search giant planned to keep. I don’t believe Lenovo, which has its own mobile ambitions, wants anything to do with Apple in court.”

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