1. Actually, the logo symbolized the fact that the Apple II computer had color graphics whereas all the competitors (e.g., TRS-80) had monochrome (if they had graphics at all). It would be many years (nearly a decade) before Apple became well-known for their user interface (indeed, the “user interface” of the Apple II kind of sucked — even worse than CP/M (or MS-DOS, which was a clone of CP/M).

    1. If you thought like Woz, you would see that the Apple //e was the best interface. Call -151 entered Assembler mode, which was unprecedented. Not only did Apple have Basic you had ROM based Assembler. You really felt you could get into the guts of the system and if you took time, feel in control of every bit. Nothing else had this intimacy.

  2. What’s awkward about the LC prototype? It’s a “PAGE” display. The original Xerox Alto had a portrait screen, and this made sense if you are working on documents. 20″ screens were good for two side by side pages.

    It just looks different. It might have been as successful as the LC and Color Classic they came out with.

  3. I miss the rainbow logo. I realize it wouldn’t work today, but I still miss it. I should download a big rainbow Apple and make it my lock screen picture on my iPhone.


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