“Samsung says it’ll bring narrower fonts and a cleaner look and feel to its Android devices like the Galaxy S4, in yet another blatant attempt to copycat Apple, this time ripping off the styling of the iOS 7 update for iPhone and iPad,” Bill Palmer writes for Palmer Report. “It might be ready around the time Apple is releasing iOS 8. Samsung stealing existing intellectual property from Apple, even as Apple looks to move onto whatever comes next, is nothing new. What’s different here is that Google, not Samsung, designs the look and feel of the Android software interface. But maybe not so much anymore.”

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung. The Korean Microsoft.

“Up to now most vendors have only made minor software tweaks, such as packing in their own branded apps,” Palmer writes. “However, Samsung is talking about changing up its flavor of Android so much things like icons and fonts will look like they were lifted straight from an iPhone. Not that it’ll work the same at all, but instead more like those Windows skins that allow a PC to have the same on-screen icons and color scheme as a Mac.”

“The short term implications are straightforward: Samsung’s Android devices will look more like a broken outdated copycat of the iPhone than ever,” Palmer writes. “But the fact that Samsung is talking about so brazenly changing up the look and feel of the Android interface means that it no longer cares about maintaining compatibility or familiarity with Google’s official Android at all. The bottom line: yet another reason to just buy a real iPhone or iPad from Apple, instead of settling for the outdated copycat junk on the Android side.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, Samsung, all Apple employees just jumped off the nearest bridge. Hurry!

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