“Google’s bid to counter Apple’s iOS in the Car strategy with an Android-based solution gained a new head of steam Monday with the announcement of the Google-led Open Automotive Alliance,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider. “Word of the initiative first surfaced last week with a report that Google and German marque Audi would soon announce a partnership aimed at bringing Android-powered ‘infotainment’ systems to the carmaker’s vehicle lineup.”

“With the addition of General Motors, Hyundai, and Honda, Google now counts 4 of the top 10 auto manufacturers in the world as backers,” Cole reports. “The Open Automotive Alliance appears to be modeled on the Open Handset Alliance, a Google-led consortium that drives commercial development of Android for mobile devices.”

“It is unclear what Monday’s announcement means for Apple’s iOS in the Car program,” Cole reports. “GM, Hyundai, and Honda were among the manufacturers previously tabbed as Apple partners and have already announced vehicles sporting the iPhone-powered system for release in 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nothing precludes both iOS and whatever fragmented morass of malware and user tracking Google shovels to automakers from existing in the same vehicle. It’s not a stretch to imagine Google plastering Home Depot, McDonald’s, etc. ads on your car’s control screen as you approach each location. Or how about Totes umbrella ads whenever you turn on your wipers? Ah, the price of “free.” Hopefully the carmakers will allow owners to disable the fragmandroid “solution” if its “features” are not desired.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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