“Dr. James Eason, the Memphis surgeon who performed Steve Jobs’ liver transplant in 2009 — and later bought the Memphis house where Jobs convalesced — allowed Apple (AAPL) outside counsel to pay his taxes and utilities for nearly two years,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“That revelation came at the end of Southern Transplant, Marc Perrusquia’s front page story Thursday in the Memphis Commercial Advocate,” P.E.D. reports “The fact that Eason paid a bargain price to an Apple-owned shell company for Jobs’ two story, 13-room house came out when he was asked about it at a June 2012 hearing. ‘It’s a fair question,’ Eason said, assuring local commissioners there was ‘absolutely not’ any deal cut to secure a liver for Jobs. But according to the Commercial Appeal, Eason didn’t tell commissioners everything he knew.”

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