“Is the much-loved Piaggio Vespa more iconic than the floppy disk? Is the iPod more of a design classic than the Airbus A380?” Monique Rivalland reports for CNN. “These are the questions we put to some of the world’s greatest designers when we asked them to nominate what they believe to be the most iconic industrial design from the last 100 years.”

“This Saturday, the international design community will celebrate World Industrial Design Day. To mark the event, CNN spoke to Gianfranco Zaccai, CEO of global design and innovation consultancy Continuum. Zaccai and his team have been behind some of the most well-known products of the last three decades — including the iconic Reebok Pump,” Rivalland reports. “CNN asked the celebrated innovator about his views on what constitutes good design at the turn of the millennium.”

1. Apple Macintosh: “When Apple Mac said hello to the world in 1984 it turned the computing industry on its head,” says Dick Powell, co-founder of design agency SeymourPowell. “It seamlessly combined outstanding software and hardware into an experience. Other than the Jobs-less years it spent in the innovation wilderness, it’s still doing it.”

Apple Macintosh

Apple Macintosh

2. Piaggio Vespa
3. The escalator
4. Virgin Galactic Space Plane
5. AK-47
6. The floppy disk

7. Apple iPod: The iPod, the product so iconic it defined a generation. Nick Rhodes, head of the Industrial Design MA at the University of London, nominated the MP3 player because “it so clearly demonstrates the benefits of collaborative efforts… This is no longer the province of a single ‘hero’ designer,” he says, “but rather the unified work of many practitioners.”

8. Herman Miller Aeron chair
9. Bang & Olufsen 2400 stereo
10. Airbus A380
11. Ford Model T
12. Jet engine

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