An iOS 7 redesign posted on, and online community for designers, was “created by 20-year old UI/UX designer Leo Drapeau [and] has, as of today, reached over 97,000 views,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch.

“Drapeau, who’s currently living in Paris and is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Web Design at a school called EEMI, says he made his version of the redesign in a few hours,” Perez reports. “‘I was following the WWDC keynote, and I was really excited about the overall UX and UI changes and evolutions in iOS 7, but the icons of the homescreen bugged me,’ he explains. ‘So, I just wanted to refined them a little, to make them cleaner and more harmonized, but not to reinvent the whole design.'”

Perez reports, “The student designer’s work has clearly struck a chord. The set of iOS 7 images now has ten pages and hundreds of comments, most of them positive and some offering tips as to how the design could be improved a bit further with minor tweaks.”

Apple's iOS 7 Beta 1 (left), Leo Drapeau's iOS 7 makeover (right)

Apple’s iOS 7 Beta 1 (left), Leo Drapeau’s iOS 7 makeover (right)

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, um, Jony et al., you lose (on consistent light source, certain sizing, and the settings icon, among others). If you haven’t already, send Leo an offer letter now.

Of course, once you organize your stuff into folders and change your wallpaper, iOS 7 looks markedly different than what you see on Apple’s site. Something more like this:

Apple's basic iOS 7 example on the left vs. a MacDailyNews iPhone 5 running iOS 7 on the right.

Apple’s basic iOS 7 example (left) vs. a MacDailyNews iPhone 5 running iOS 7 with apps in folders (right).