Developer secretly tested new Mac Pro – sight unseen – for weeks inside Apple’s top-secret lab

“The Foundry this week announced that MARI, its industry-standard 3D painting package 3D digital painting tool used in films ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Avengers,’ is coming to the Mac,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “The developer, along with Oscar-winning animation studio Pixar, showed off MARI for OS X at WWDC this week, just 8 weeks after it began porting the software to the Mac.”

“MARI was shown running on the new cylindrical Mac Pro, demonstrating the work Pixar is doing with the software to complete its upcoming feature film ‘Monsters University,'” Hughes reports. “The Foundry shared with AppleInsider the story of how its team worked with the new Mac Pro in a room at Apple HQ known as the ‘Evil Lab’ ahead of the desktop’s unveiling. During the tests, the Mac Pro was entirely concealed in a giant steel cabinet, keeping its new design a mystery to The Foundry and Pixar.”

Apple's next generation Mac Pro
Apple’s next generation Mac Pro


Apple's next generation Mac Pro
Apple’s next generation Mac Pro

The next generation Mac Pro will be available later this year. To learn more, visit

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    1. Based on relative size difference between the old Mac Pro and new Mac Pro, Apple could have placed the entire new Mac Pro inside an emptied out (and locked) case of the old Mac Pro, with some internal cable connection, and the Pixar team would not have known about the new design.

    1. You can go and see for yourself if you have a Developer account which is hardly a problem.

      Go to

      And then select Painting The Future.

      Interesting video, you also get to see a new Mac Pro ‘in context’ during the demo and it is almost mind-buggeringly small: if it were hollowed-out and used as a vase, you’re talking maybe a half-dozen short-stemmed roses. I blend personal smoothies in a larger container.

  1. I think a lot of people are really missing the point of this machine. This is more than a new “design” from Apple. Its a total redesign focused on removing speed bottlenecks. The use of twin Graphics cards, faster bus, faster ram, PCIe Hard drive instead of SATA. In day to day high end design this thing will SCREAM…Also I would imagine that we will see a whole host of new storage options using Thunderbolt II that will blow Fibre Channel out of the water. This is truly more of a “workstation” than a Pee Cee.

    1. All kinds of ignorant hate out there for this- I say ignorant because the chorus is “no ‘professional’ will want this!”, all being declared before use and with little to no experiential knowledge. (I’m looking right at you, John P. of GeekBeat.)

    2. It’s true.

      I’d say this was a generational step that builds on the kind of workstation-class systems that a company like Silicon Graphics used to produce when they were building the computers that helped to make movies like Jurassic Park or Terminator 2 before ILM went over to Linux-based technology in 2002 or thereabouts.

      The difference being that it’s the size of a vase and delivers 7 teraflops as opposed to a small dishwasher offering megaflops.

  2. They must keep things a secret. Otherwise, the IP stealers of the world (google, etc) or the gooks (samsung, etc) will copy their shit. These fucking parasites don’t know how to do anything until Apple shows them.

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