A new Samsung Galaxy S4 ad retreads a familiar Samsung Electronics America advertising theme: That only your goofy parents and other assorted “old people” own Apple iPhones.

The 90-second ad, which takes place at a graduation pool party, highlights features of the new Samsung device, for example, taking considerable pains to slather young people’s fingers in rib sauce and sunblock in order to show off Samsung’s gimmicky new Air Gesture feature.

Luckily for Samsung, nobody drops their cheap, plastic phone on the concrete pool deck. The ad also inexplicably trumpets how a Galaxy S4 can act as a remote control for a TV set, something we’ve been doing with our iPhones and iPads for years:

MacDailyNews Take: It remains to be seen how long Samsung will continue trying to peg Apple iPhone as the phone for older people.

Apple likely hopes that Samsung continues it forever, as the U.S. population – and many populations around the world – age considerably.

Limiting your target market in the US to 30.6 million adults under 25, while trumpeting iPhone as the smartphone for those over 25, or some 204 million people, just doesn’t seem like a very sound strategy. Especially since the older demographics have far more disposable income. Samsung’s strategy is fatally flawed on many levels, from basic math on up.

The fact is that, regardless of these type of ads, Apple’s iPhone continues to top U.S. teens’ buying preference surveys by a wide margin. Samsung’s marketing strategy of pitching to 30 million while denigrating and alienating over 200 million isn’t bearing any fruit: comScore: Apple outgrew both Samsung and Google’s Android in U.S. smartphone market share – May 3, 2013.

More, please, Samsung.

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