AP reviews Google Now for iOS: ‘Works best as a supplement to Siri’

“Google Now is often compared with the Siri voice assistant on Apple’s mobile devices, but its power lies in giving you information you need to know before you have to ask,” Anick Jesdanun reports for The Associated Press. “It works best as a supplement to Siri, rather than a replacement, now that it has expanded from Android devices to iPhones and iPads.”

“Both Google Now and Siri will respond to voice commands, whether it’s to look up the day’s weather or set the alarm on the phone,” Jesdanun reports. “Google Now goes further in filling your phone screen with boxes containing stock quotes, sports results, weather, travel directions and more — all without making a request.”

Jesdanun reports, “Those choices are based partly on your location, the entries in your calendar and the travel-confirmation messages in your Gmail account. To use Google Now, you have to give Google permission to use your personal data. You can create a separate Google account if you’re not comfortable with that, though Google Now works better the more it knows about you. It works best if you also let it record and analyze the Google searches you’ve made recently.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: But what really makes Google Now sing is when you let it perform a full body cavity search.

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  1. Another data mining utility from google, just like gmail, android and basically everything google makes. This is just another way for google to sell you for more money to advertisers.

  2. I really want an intelligent assistant like this, but I would never give Google access to all that information! I hope Apple is doing this in the labs, because I trust them not to aggregate my data for marketing purposes, unlike Google.

  3. Major problems have been reported by users with Google Now, due to its location services being constantly on and draining batteries prematurely. Google’s days are limited on Apple devices.

  4. Apple product user since 1983 and a huge fan; never use anything else. BUT, I’m not a huge fan of Siri — I assume because I’ve just not found the right uses for it. For those of you who are Siri devotés . . .

    What do you use it for?

    1. I’m not a Siri devotee but I occasionally use it. I use it most when I’m cooking to set a timer (“countdown 3 minutes” for example). I use it to say “cancel all my alarms” when I have a few days off work, just because it’s quicker than going into the app and switching them off individually. I occasionally ask whether it’s going to rain today when I’m getting ready to leave the house. I also ask what’s on at the cinema because it’s quicker than typing. I probably use it once or twice a week. I don’t use it outside the house though because I’d still be a bit embarrassed! I don’t think we’re at the stage yet (in the UK at least) where talking to your phone doesn’t make you look like a bit of a twat!

    2. My comment calling Siri a retard got deleted. I’ll post it up again. And MDN can go ahead and delete it again. Not bothered.

      Siri is totally, absolutely useless and adds nothing to my iPhone experience. It’s a total joke. It’s slow, lame and stupid. Compared to Google Now which gives a more immersive experience, Siri is still competing in the Paralympics for handicapped, retarded AI.

      1. Hopefully your comment will be deleted. I also hope that neither you nor anyone you care about is unfortunate enough to have an accident leaving you or them handicapped, despite you being such a horrible person, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

        1. You’re a damned fool if you believe the deletion of my comment had anything to do with Siri being handicapped which is physical state which exists in the real world whether you like it or not.

          Let me exhaust the English lexicon: handicapped, retarded, Down’s Syndrome, Mongoloid, brain damaged, spastic. Any other words you can think of?

          Wasn’t the Paralympics hosted in London recently? Shouldn’t you be more proactive by canvassing your government to ban it from England?

          You’re the perfect description of a stupid twat.

            1. BLN is either schizophrenic and frequently forgets (refuses?) to take his meds OR his account is accessed by two different people, one being sane and the other a rabid troll. All around, I’ve decided he’s ignorable, at best. 😛

            2. Since he mentioned the Paralympics, which I really enjoyed, I thought I’d link to Channel 4’s coverage in the UK which branded the participants “Superhumans” rather than any of the cruel words BLN likes to use provocatively.

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