Samsung Galaxy S4 ad claims only old people own iPhones (with video)

A new Samsung Galaxy S4 ad retreads a familiar Samsung Electronics America advertising theme: That only your goofy parents and other assorted “old people” own Apple iPhones.

The 90-second ad, which takes place at a graduation pool party, highlights features of the new Samsung device, for example, taking considerable pains to slather young people’s fingers in rib sauce and sunblock in order to show off Samsung’s gimmicky new Air Gesture feature.

Luckily for Samsung, nobody drops their cheap, plastic phone on the concrete pool deck. The ad also inexplicably trumpets how a Galaxy S4 can act as a remote control for a TV set, something we’ve been doing with our iPhones and iPads for years:

MacDailyNews Take: It remains to be seen how long Samsung will continue trying to peg Apple iPhone as the phone for older people.

Apple likely hopes that Samsung continues it forever, as the U.S. population – and many populations around the world – age considerably.

Limiting your target market in the US to 30.6 million adults under 25, while trumpeting iPhone as the smartphone for those over 25, or some 204 million people, just doesn’t seem like a very sound strategy. Especially since the older demographics have far more disposable income. Samsung’s strategy is fatally flawed on many levels, from basic math on up.

The fact is that, regardless of these type of ads, Apple’s iPhone continues to top U.S. teens’ buying preference surveys by a wide margin. Samsung’s marketing strategy of pitching to 30 million while denigrating and alienating over 200 million isn’t bearing any fruit: comScore: Apple outgrew both Samsung and Google’s Android in U.S. smartphone market share – May 3, 2013.

More, please, Samsung.

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  1. I like the Nokia commercials better where they make fun of Samsung vs Apple and show them fighting. Apparently only pacifist cater-waiters use the Nokia Lumia 920/

    1. To me, that Nokia commercial is doing the same thing Samsung is doing. Hey, pick me instead of the other 2. The only phone maker in the whole bunch is APPLE who is not comparing themselves to anyone. They just state the features and move on. They don’t need to poke fun of people because apple knows that when your making fun of competition, its because your not in first place.

        1. Please tell me *what* about his comment makes him an asshole? You seem to be one for stooping to the level of calling names and judging people without actually contributing anything to the conversation. Maybe you’re starting in a mirror… that would explain your comment.

          1. Well, judging by your “starting in a mirror” statement I’d say you’re semi-literate. Or are you going to blame it on autocorrect or the undersized keyboard on your phone?

            1. Undoubtedly the negative votes on your posts are from a considerable number of people who don’t like them. Dare I say you should actually pay attention to that and actually let it affect your behavior. (One can always dream.)

            2. “Obviously I’ve become the object of your dreams.”

              My dream for you — that you grow up; that you realize it’s not a great attainment in life to get so many negative votes; that you stop being such a poisonous little loser — or, alternatively, that you talk to some 300lb biker the way you talk to people on this site and have him punch your teeth in.

        2. Oh Confused sh*t-

          Another Shatscum troll out to support his fscktard employer’s new (s)ad campaign. How much of that $12 Bil are they paying you to post this nonsensical bullshit?

          Go ESAD and please stop littering our board with your garbage.

        3. Yeah Confucius, I don’t think you even read what I typed…because your comment really doesn’t make sense with what I said. It was indeed an opinion, but I don’t think an opinion so disturbing as to denote the asshole comment…and from what I can tell many agree on MDN. And with the no sense of humor? I didn’t know any of these commercials were trying to be funny. They’re just trying to have a ring match with their products. So, maybe you can better explain to me what your thinking.

      1. @muddygun, I agree with you. Apple’s commercials are classy. Even the Mac vs. PC ads that *did* do a comparison to the competition were done with class and humour. They called out the well-known fact-based *experiences* of the competition, not just attacking the product because its the competition. Samsung is slime.

        1. Plus, those Mac vs PC commercials pitted OS against OS, and did not denigrate the users. As MDM points out, Samsung seems intent on insulting the most lucrative demographic. A pretty stupid strategy on their part.

          1. I agree. I actually felt insulted by that commercial. Are they saying I am old and stupid because I bought an iPhone? The ad turned me off to Samsung.

      2. I agree 100%. People are intelligent enough to decide to choose iPhone whether they are young or old and they don’t buy on this make believe untruth commercials. I think Samsung insult people intelligence.

    2. Everyone is missing it.

      That ad is not bashing old people and targeting young people. That ad is squarely targeting the 204 million people MDN mention. That ad is saying to old people, if you want to look young and hip, don’t get an iPhone.

      That ad is not targeted at young people or tech oriented old people. It’s targeted at average baby boomers who now find themselves facing the fact that getting old sucks, and it sucks in a big way because people find you irrelevant.

      So these people will do whatever they can to try and stay young.

      Millions of people in their 40s have been pushed out of the job market and have found that age discrimination is keeping them out of the job market.

      They’re spending their retirement funds on cosmetic surgery, and anything and everything else they can do to look young.

      Telling these people that Samsung makes you look young is brilliant strategy.

      Sorry about that, but it’s true. This ad was created by someone who knows Americans.

      1. I disagree that the ad is not attempting to target young people – they clearly are trying to sell that ONLY old people have iPhones.

        That is not mutually exclusive to your concept that a benefit is to convince old fucks like me that their phone is better for me.

      2. IM,
        “So these people will do whatever they can to try and stay young. ”
        Most of my classes and experience in market advertising say that you have to be sure of your message before you spend millions looking stupid to your actual demographic.

        Samsung sells to the young. Hopefully swapping phones ever year so samsang can sell more (market share is the do all be all of the “can’t figure out how to make money companies”. What they forget, as the article states, is that the older generation may want to look young but they have been there and beyond and do not buy into such shallow ads.

        Samsung is not in this for the long term but for the quick buck. They have NO Customer SERVICE, just a bunch of people who put you off as long as they can and then hope they win the class action lawsuits (they lost one for using cheap caps in large screen TVs. They copy the successful and advertise gimmics to the tech nerd cause its easier than trying to figure out what we really want. Their management has no clue and does not care. Make it, sell it. NEXT product.

        Last, samsung as a brand name is just a loss leader. If you like their phone, will you buy their computer???? Er do they make a computer??? NO its a Windows 8 computer??? right??
        And a music service, er,,,, do they do that????
        Aps?? NO.
        Integration between computer, tablet, phone, mp3 player and stove, fridge, ship???? er…. stove?? fridge?? SHIP?????

        Well, you get the idea. They want your money now. The rest does not matter.

      3. I agree at least in part, and would add that if you sell to the younger gen, they will educate the older gen in what to buy and how to use it.

        It’s a pity for samsung that iOS is easier and safer to use for the non computer savy.

        They are trying to create a cultural perception that they are cooler, more hip and more individual. It’s working in Australia unfortunately.

      4. Thoughtful post, good thinking.

        I can tell you, as a fifty-year-old guy with my 50-year-old eyes, I simply need a larger screen if I’m really going to enjoy using my phone for viewing content. And I think I’m not the only older person who is feeling that way.

        My guess is that at WWDC Apple will showcase ios 7, “the most beautiful ios yet,” and in the fall we’ll see a larger iPhone, “to show off that beautiful system.”

        1. The resolution on the screen is still the same, text is still just as small as on the iPhone. Don’t kid yourself thinking the bigger screen is going to make it easier to use. There’s just going to be more on the screen that you can’t see.

          1. Your comment makes no sense, you obviously have never had a biger phone than 3.5 inches. I work in a large company and some of my feelow workers have seen my samsung they own iphones. They cant get over how large i can make txt messages and change fonts! theres tiny iphone. small medium and very large. So now they all own galaxys because unlike you they can see the difference, what a stupid reply you made about this. THE TXT IS HUGE compared to the iphone FULL STOP. you are obviously blinded by the light!

      1. Im betting you still have to push a power button on your device! My finger passes the top of my phone and the screen lights up. I dont have sunblock or rib sauce on my fingers either! its just way, no tons more convient to do this than to have to pick a device up! Seriously im sensing a seinfeld moment here. Just because you dont have this tech now and possibly never will, dont comment on how its a Gimmick! I get frustrated now when a phone cant do this. How scrambling for a power button and picking up a phone is easier than a finger air swipe is beyond me!

  2. Okay, but the ad at least tries to show people actually using the features of their phone.

    I thought the hand wave motion, while clever because his sauce-covered fingers would be nasty on the phone, resembled the exact motion most people make when shooing away a fly.

    BTW, Samsung, I control any brand of TV with my iPhone, not just Samsung TVs.

      1. They still get your money through Apple buying their parts, but hopefully that will be over sooner rather than later, and an import ban on their rip-off products would be a nice addition.

  3. Actually only old people with poor eyesight need the gs4 big fat screen.

    Also love all that hands-free action and then you need to touch photos to send photos over… no iMessage, eh Samsung?

    1. … who happens to be pushing 40 … is the one with the iPhone. Well … and her older brother. I’m the one with the glasses and I continue to use a dumb-phone. It does everything I expect my telephone to DO. It also would do more, if I asked – I don’t. So … is she young because she’s my daughter? Or old because she’s old enough to be a Mom?

  4. Samsung just knows how to troll troll troll, like all those students paid by them to comment on stories.

    Judging by the reviews it will be funny seeing those GS4 owners desperately “swatting flies” over their phones trying to get them to answer the call.

  5. With Age Comes Wisdom. Using Samsung’s logic, kids who don’t know better own a Samsung Galaxy S4, and when they grow up they’ll quit playing with toys. The problem with appealing to a youth market is eventually the market grows up and moves away from a brand they consider “not adult”. Ask McDonalds how their old Ronald McDonald “Get em’ while they’re young campaign” worked out.

    1. Do not click on that link from within MDN’s app unless you like from within MDN’s app unless you like from within MDN’s app unless you like from within MDN’s app unless you like from within MDN’s app unless you like….

  6. Aren’t older people are more reasonable and have more knowledge about things? And younger generation are more obsessed with every new gadget that comes out and that they will forget in few weeks?

    1. I think you meant “aren’t old people stubborn and unwilling to adapt? Don’t they no longer like anything new?”

      Seriously, I dislike Samsung and android completely, but ageism is just pathetic.

      Old people also buy windows and vote for politicians that loot the country and environment because they are short sighted and selfish.

      The youth are the ones buying apple laptops over windows by 60% or more.

      Lets knock off the ridiculous claims that Oder means wiser. Steve jobs’s biggest nemesis were those too old to change and too blind to care about expanding their potential. They were boring and practical, not embraces of smartphones, tablets, etc.

      My clients over 40 don’t know how to use basic apps on their iPhones. In fact they are most prone to listening to idiot sales guys telling them to just buy an android.

  7. I hate the Samsung ads. I hate the plucky cello music in the background, I hate the people, portrayed with smug indifference to anyone outside their age/technology group. I hate the faded color-retro style. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling. If this were an Apple commercial, I’d feel the same about it.

    Remember the Unicorn Apocalypse ad? What the heck was that about? Phablets and poo-poo platters! This is supposed to sell phones? All I can say is that yesterday, while at Walmart I checked out the phone section and saw the Galaxy S4 tethered to the display, right next to the S3. They looked pathetic together, just sitting there. The iPhones were in a glass enclosed case on the other side, however there were none to see as they appeared to be sold out….hmmm.

      1. Nothing that runs Android can be the best at anything. Android is a poor copy of iOS, took over 3 years and tons of processing to become as fluid as day 1 iPhone was in 2007.

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