“Apple’s OS X Snow Leopard, which shipped in August 2009, continued to resist retirement last month, new data showed,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“January statistics from Web analytics vendor Net Applications pegged Snow Leopard’s share of all Macs at 28.2 percent, half a point higher than the 27.7 percent recorded by OS X Lion,” Keizer reports. “It was the fourth month in a row that Snow Leopard has been in second place, behind the newest edition, OS X Mountain Lion, but ahead of 2011’s Lion… Mountain Lion, which Apple shipped in July 2012, again gained ground last month at the expense of its predecessors, ending January in the No. 1 position with 34.5 percent of all Macs.”

Keizer reports, “Many have declared that they would not abandon Snow Leopard because it was the last that let users run applications compiled for the PowerPC processor.”

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