“When Apple sent out their press release last week about their upcoming 128GB iPad, we chose to headline it as ‘Apple Thinks Enterprise’ due to the focus the press release took,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“A specific reference by AutoCAD’s VP Amy Bunszel stated that users of the new 128GB iPad would have an advantage in being able to view, edit and share large and highly detailed AutoCAD files,” Purcher reports. “Apple’s press release emphasized that all Fortune 500 and 85% of Global 500 companies are currently deploying or testing the iPad. Devices powered by iOS have opened the door for Apple in the enterprise market where OS X could never.”

Purcher reports, “So it comes as no surprise to hear that Apple has acquired some rather high-end enterprise-class software to take the iPad to the next level. Yesterday, Montreal based Maya-Systems revealed in a press release that they sold user interface patents to Apple relating to their Axes-based technology which is behind their IamOrganized workflow management tool that is cloud based.”

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