Apple looking to reimagine user interface in iLife apps?

“Apple is recruiting for two Senior Software Engineers for the iLife development team and is looking for individuals who will be able to help ‘re-imagine how user interfaces should be built and work,'” AppleBitch reports. “The positions, posted today and yesterday, are based in in the California Campus and seem to be focused upon reinvigorating the UI for the iLife suite, which incorporates iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand.”

AppleBitch writes, “In the recent reshuffle of Apple’s Senior Staff, Jony Ive was given responsibility for Human Interface software teams in Apple, of which iLife will likely fall under his remit. It is likely, therefore, that the next major version of iLife will contain a significant UI revamp that reflects Ive’s design preferences.”

Full article here.

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  1. Yeah, in 2015. Wtf? I have to wait most of a decade to get a decent iLife upgrade? Insanity. (In my dreams they were near the end of a refresh already. NOT JUST STARTING TO THINK ABOUT ONE!)

    1. 2nd request. iPhoto can be stopped from doing that HD filling, useless facial recognition thing – surprising maybe, but, I don’t need a computer to recognize people I’ve taken a picture of.

      1. The facial recognition software has been a real boon for what I have been able to offer in my business. With repeat customers I can offer comprehensive photographic record of change over time. When it was first introduced it was a business differentiator for me, now it’s a loyalty promoter among my installed base.

        1. Apple did not invent facial recognition. iPhoto isa wiseness for anything beyond as storage place for your camera pictures. Aperture is a piece of junk. Lightroom is marginally better.

          iView Media Pro was wonderful until MSFT ruined it.

          The interfaces for all of these products is overloaded with seldom used junk while real utility is masked by a confusing interface.

          1. In Support Community there are a couple of posts about deleting Faces.db and then locking it when it tries to rebuild – but I’ve not been able to get it to work.
            However my digital library has grown over 10 years and has been transferred between successive iMac’s and on each occasion the faces/transfer thing has gone berserk and repeated photos more than once and the faces has kick in and delivered thousands of thumbnails which then transfer to the next gen imac as pictures rather than thumbnails and get ‘faced’ yet again – creating thousands more faces – and when you try deleting the bloody things they just rebuild themselves like the replicants in the Matrix !!

  2. YES Jony Ive made a nice improvement to the new iTunes, and it will get better. Just get rid of the old red, green, and yellow dots already!

    All Apple needs to do is release the TV, and get it right, and from there just improve on the system and iCloud integration.

    Having Ives primarily on software development is gonna ROCK.

    And don’t count out Phil Ives, either, he came up with the scroll wheel on the iPod.

  3. iPhoto 11 is an abomination. Just try rotating some pictures – it is like a Windows programmer got hold of iPhoto 09 and reprogrammed it. Extremely userUNfriendly. And worst of all – you can’t downgrade to iPhoto 09 ….

    1. It works? Really? I select 10 pictures to turn. I have to hit the EDIT button (instead of in iPhoto 09 just the rotate button). Then only the selected pictures are shown in a different “window”. I can’t select them all, I have to rotate them one by one! That’s ridiculous!

      Often used functions should be immediately accessible. This instead is criminally insane.

      1. P.S. Just tried again. The “Select All” menu is enabled but it is not selecting anything. That too is against Apple’s own user interface guidelines.

        iPhoto11 is crap.

        1. The actual problem is that the user is crap. As stated by Jonathan, cmd-r — which, incidentally, has ALWAYS been the command to rotate pictures. (hint: option-command-r rotates them counterclockwise, and yes it works in batches!)

          Conclusion: the problem is not iPhoto, the problem is an ignorant user with an attitude.

          1. I have been using Macs since 1987 and am doing the computer support for quite a few people. Calling me ignorant when you can’t even understand the problem is a bit rich.

    1. While it might not mean much to the Facebook page creators out there like it would to you and me, I hope Apple makes web *site* design easy again (not web page design). I remember back in the days of the Macintosh Office we realized that with programs like Ready, Set, Go! we didn’t need to learn Postscript to get the most out of a LaserWriter; and then thinking that we shouldn’t have to learn HTML to get the most out of a web browser. Well I was sure proven wrong! But Apple has always had a way of looking at what the *user* is trying to do and elegantly accomplishing that on the back end. The existing crop of web site design tools are usually really pretty and have great tutorials that show off their templates really well, but rapidly break down when you’re trying to do things like site menus without having to drop into the underlying coding tools. Remember in iWeb not even having to think about your site menu?

      1. Have you heard of Squarespace? It’s superior to iWeb in every way possible. What is it with this iWeb love affair. I just don’t get it. I love Apple’s software as much as the next guy, but iWeb was hobbled from the start. There are much better tools out there, and Apple knew that when they gave it the axe.

        1. Well, so that’s not a fair comparison, in a way. Squarespace is a hosted solution with a monthly fee. iWeb let you create the pages you put on your web site provide as a part of your Internet Service Provider. Squarespace looks really nice, I’ll grant you. But it’s sort of like asking “what’s the love affair with cars when you can just call for a taxi?”

  4. “i truly do hope that apple doesn’t continue to dumb down their products like they have with final cut and the removal of iweb.”
    FCPX is Phenominal and sad you don’t get it. My workflow is faster then ever. It’s brand NEW software and will get even better with updates but currently is doing amazing things. iWeb, while I miss, was spaghetti code! And the iPhoto comments about rotating?! Seriously… Have you used a Mac before? You can rotate 4 different ways!!! And Faces is totally useful… I need all pictures of uncle joe for his 60th birthday to choose from. You’re gonna search all your Events for him or use Faces? Stop the asshat comments!!

  5. What about iWork. It has been forever since they updated their business software. I know it might be expensive to dedicate a team to update it, like a couple million dollars. If you put out software Apple, own it and come out with regular updates.

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