“Apple has yet to reveal what will end up being a ‘black swan’… Yes, if the threat of a long squeeze is realized, it could sail down there without even a tail wind. And while I don’t doubt the margin compression story on Apple, I think they’ll make it up on volume in home computing dominance,” Count Bitcoin writes for Seeking Alpha.

“This Swan could be gray or black, and could take any form for Apple. It could be as simple as Apple TV working,” Bitcoin writes. “Or when 80% of Windows users switch to tablets that operate as capable desktops – bursting with a massive App Ecosystem, as well as luxury suites of Adobe programs for Apple’s legions of writers, designers, artists, and musicians who have galvanized around Apple’s products.”

“Android will continue to gain in mobile, but Apple users stay with Apple with fierce loyalty. Windows users will undoubtedly switch to Apple, and Apple will find itself alone on the coffee table and/or workdesk of virtually every person who uses a computer at home and has to do more than just surf the web. Not to mention the millions of teens using earbuds to relieve their sensory deprivation (Public Education) across the U.S.,” Bitcoin writes. “Sorry Google, but Android devices are not ready to play in the home, not yet. Apple’s home computing dominance has just begun to warm up, and its mobile business, like any complex organism, will fight ruthlessly and tirelessly for survival and eventual dominance.”

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