“As Mac users we’re used to not having to frequently troubleshoot our computer problems. However, that doesn’t mean that our Macs don’t misbehave from time to time,” Jordan Merrick reports for Mactuts+.

“It’s something that is very simple (usually a key combination or quick command) that is the first attempt by technicians to repair a problem quickly and simply,” Merrick reports. “Since most common issues are reasonably simple to resolve (despite the symptoms), then trying a ten-second fix makes much more sense than spending hours on a convoluted troubleshooting process.”

Merrick reports, “Before we begin, all the fixes we’re showing you are perfectly safe as long as you enter them (or perform them) exactly as described. They aren’t invasive in any way. However, always make sure you have a backup of your computer, not only in case a fix that’s performed causes your Mac to become unresponsive, but it’s just a good idea in general!”

5 quick fixes to common Mac problems:
• Power Cycle
• Remove Unused Apps
• NVRAM Reset
• Disk Permissions
• Software Updates

The 5 quick fixes are discussed in detail in the full article here.