“Many of my clients ask me: should I buy a Mac or Windows PC? And I always say the same: if you want to spend more money for the same result then get a Mac. But unless you’ve got a business that heavily relies on graphics (Apple has historically made great design software and hardware) you should stick with Microsoft products,” Gene Marks writes for Forbes. “Here are a few reasons why.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, dinosaurs do still roam the earth.

Marks lies, “MacBooks and iMacs will play nicely on Microsoft networks nowadays but Windows machines do a better job with less resources and support.”

MacDailyNews Take: Proof? Marks offers none. Empty stereotypes from the late 1990s don’t cut it here, IT doofus liar. The facts have been crystal clear for years now:

• Enterprise Desktop Alliance: Apple Macs cost a lot less than Windows PCs to manage – March 9, 2010
• Forrester: Apple iPhone corporate users happier, more productive – April 13, 2009
• Macs in the enterprise: When given choice, employees choose Macs and support costs decline – January 12, 2009

Marks continues lying, “So why give yourself the extra potential headache (and cost) unless there’s something really special you want from Apple? …Everyone I know are still using Microsoft Office applications. Why? They are built primarily with Microsoft tools and run on Microsoft SQL databases. They are designed for internal Microsoft networks and supported by people with Microsoft certifications. Microsoft makes business software for enterprises and, more importantly, Microsoft makes database software… It’s arguable whether Windows 8 and Surface tablets are better than Apple’s products. But they’re competitive. And, at least for the foreseeable future, better suited for a business environment.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Blast from the past! Thankfully, mercifully, these Microsoft-shackled IT doofus dinosaurs, whom technology and the times have long ago passed by, are finally beginning to retire, getting fired, or dying off. Antiquated ignoramuses who spout baseless claims like Gene Marks retard productivity, drive up costs and frustration tremendously, and cost companies and workers dearly in lost time and wasted money. Idiots like Marks are a cancer.

CEOs: If you company has IT doofuses that sound like Gene Marks, axe them today. It’s time for new blood that understands today’s technology and who will increase your company’s productivity, adding to your bottom line.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dominick P.” for the heads up.]