“Sizemore Capital’s Charles Sizemore writes in a contribution to NASDAQ that ‘Microsoft will ultimately muscle-out Apple as the leader in smartphones and tablets,'” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “He says the war will be long and grueling, but Microsoft will ultimately pull ahead because Apple has no ‘durable long-term advantages’ to keep customers loyal.”

MacDailyNews Take: Wait, Zach, you sure this wasn’t Tom Sizemore?

“Where Android is concerned, Sizemore says he doesn’t take Google seriously as a long-term competitor because the company’s solutions are ‘shoddy’ attempts at matching superior offerings from Apple and Microsoft,” Epstein reports. “He continues, ‘Given that Google gives most of its products away for free, you have to question how seriously they take them. And given my experience with Play Music, the answer is ‘not very.””

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, Sizemore, we’ve seen better pumps on a Coney Island hooker!

Epstein report, “The analyst concludes that while he is not forecasting an ‘immediate collapse in Google’s share price,’ he finds no evidence to show that Google’s advertising model is sustainable and therefore will not invest in Google. Sizemore discloses that his firm holds a long position in Microsoft.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, when we entered this one, iCal actually giggled.

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