“Apple Inc., the maker of the iPad and iPhone, is seeking a patent on a technology aimed at making it easier for a user to read a display on a mobile device,” Victoria Slind-Flor reports for Bloomberg.

“Application 20120287163, published in the database of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Nov. 15, covers the scaling of a device’s visual content depending on its proximity to the user’s face,” Slind-Flor reports. “The technology covered by the application would determine the distance between the user’s face and the display screen, and then, using a calibration procedure involving one or more processors, would adjust the display’s scale.”

Slind-Flor reports, “Sensors that would capture the image of the user’s face for calibration purposes could include ‘an infrared distance sensing device; a laser distance sensing device; a SONAR distance sensing device; and an image capture device.'”

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