Telsey’s Feldman: Apple products are the top items for holiday shopping this year

Joe Feldman, an analyst at Telsey Advisory Group in New York, says, this year “Apple products are the top items that customers want.”

Feldman talks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

They are joined by Bloomberg’s Joe Brusuelas.

Listen to the audio interview (07:45) via Bloomberg here.


  1. I read all the Android is killing Apple statistics online but all I see in the real world is a sea of iPhones everywhere I go. Plus most new online contacts I make show up with that blue iMessage text….

    Something is not adding up

    1. My experience is the same here in Toronto. I see about a 50-30-20 split here of smartphones (Apple, Android, BBerry). As to tablets, I rarely see anything but iPads unless you count the larger Samsung phone (Galaxy III?) and even then, it is still an Apple orchard out there.

      Even if there are fairly substantial numbers of tablets other than Apple’s products, I get the sense that these hidden items are basically wastes of money. People don’t appear to be using them and in that respect, they represent a huge waste of money and resources.

      Once again, I get the sense that although Apple may charge a premium, it is money spent on something that people will actually use.

  2. Guaranteed, this story can be spun into bad news for Apple. Maybe by claiming Apple is running out of inventory on all its products and thereby losing more sales than the competition.

    Jeff Bezos claims Amazon is selling three times as many Kindle Fires as last year. I’m sure Apple can’t make that claim about iPad sales. Exactly how many Kindle Fires are being sold is as usual, a highly-guarded secret. I think Apple should resort to keeping all its sales numbers a secret because revealing them usually seems to work against Apple’s share price.

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