“After this past week’s Apple event, one thing stood out to me above all others. And just to make sure, I watched the event again. Same result,” MG Siegler writes for TechCrunch. “The shots fired at Android tablets.”

“For everything that Apple announced (new MacBook Pros, Mac minis, iMacs, iPads, and iPad minis), this was what I walked away thinking about. It was a fascinating look into the collective mind of Apple,” Siegler writes. “In realtime, this seemed straightforward: Apple was trying to explain why their tablets were better than those made by the competition. Standard practice, right? But something about it stuck in my head as weird for Apple — especially once the price was revealed.”

“In the tablet space, Apple is without question the dominant player. By even acknowledging the competition, it’s a form of validation. Put another way: you should always fight up, not down. But here, Apple appeared to be fighting down,” Siegler writes. “But after the second watching of the keynote, my interpretation is slightly different. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one. I believe Apple was simply explaining to everyone that they were not going to fight down.”

Siegler writes, “In Apple’s mind, they’re not trying to compete in the 7-inch tablet space, they’re simply trying to expand the user base of the iPad with a smaller version. Again, subtle, but different. Apple is not going to make a $199 tablet — and certainly not out of fear. They’re going to make the best smaller tablet they can and price in a way they believe to be fair for the quality they’re going after.”

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