“Apple has upset many of its fans by introducing the fourth generation iPad, only seven months into the life of the third-generation model. Help is at hand if you’ve only just bought one though, as Apple may offer you an exchange,” Andy Boxall reports for Digital Trends.

“Apple has annoyed a lot of people by updating its third generation iPad to the fourth generation model at yesterday’s new product packed event, despite the only real differences being a new processor and the Lightning connector,” Boxall reports. “The word ‘obsolete’ — which means out-of-date or an old-fashioned design and/or features — has been laughably attached to the iPad 3, particularly by those who’ve just purchased one, however it must be grating to find out a newer model will hit the shelves very soon.”

Boxall reports, “There are a few ways you may be able to swap your new iPad for an even newer iPad, or the iPad Mini if you’re so inclined. Apple operates a 14-day return system in most countries, so if your tablet is less than two-weeks old, head back to Apple for a refund or an exchange. This shouldn’t be a problem provided the tablet’s in as-new condition, you’ve got the receipt, and that it originally came from an Apple Store. CNET is also reporting that some Apple Stores are extending this grace period to 30-days…”

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